Rev. Jenny Illig

Co-Spiritual Leader

After a lifetime of searching, Rev. Jenny found a spiritual philosophy that resonated with her personal beliefs about a loving God and she found her spiritual home in 2007 in the New Thought teachings of Ernest Holmes.

The teachings and practice of this philosophy radically changed her life for the better by giving her a different way to view life, and how it works as well as the tools to create a fabulous life of her own design rather than one that just showed up by default.
Rev. Jenny became a licensed Practitioner of Religious Science in 2011. She received a clear message to pursue ministry and entered the Holmes Institute, graduating with a Master’s in Consciousness Studies in 2015.

She served as Staff Minister at Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living until January of 2016, when through the merger of Whole Life and Creative Center for Spiritual Living, she joined New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living where she joyfully serves as Co-Minister