Jalein Arnold, RScP


Jalein and her husband live in Greeley with their two cats. She is retired and works part-time in Senior Peer Counseling and she has experience working with recovery from addictions and grief.

She knew when she came to this Center that she had found her spiritual home and family. “What a joy to be in community with like-minded people!” She knows that her purpose is to serve and be helpful in any way she can. God consciousness guides her, Divine Love connects her with others, and faith sustains her. She values unconditional acceptance, freedom from judgment, mindfulness, and honesty.

Her passion is Visioning- for NTNC, groups and individuals. Visioning is a spiritual practice that opens one’s connection with Spirit and seeks Divine Guidance regarding one’s calling and/or a specific aspect of life. We all envision what we want in life. Visioning goes deeper by asking for God’s highest idea of our good.