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A Woman’s Place is the only domestic violence shelter in Weld County. Their mission is to shelter and help empower victims of domestic abuse to become safe, secure, and self-reliant; and through education and collaboration to mobilize our community to help prevent domestic violence. 


They strive for excellence in all aspects in their work with victims and survivors. With a trauma-informed approach, their goal is to lead all victims on a path toward independence. 

From A Women's Place: Our goal is to make sure all families who have received our services this year are able to provide a stress-free and fun Christmas to their children.  All gifts are delivered unwrapped a week before Christmas, in a black trash bag. This is to ensure the children don’t see what they will be receiving, and it also gives parents the ability to know what their children are receiving. We find that parents enjoy wrapping gifts for their own children, so they have some part in the process. With your help, we will be able to make sure that all families have a fun and love-filled Christmas! 


Find a family you would like to help below and then click the family number on the tree at the bottom of the page to let us know your choice! We ask that you also purchase a gift for the mother as well as wrapping paper. Put all gifts in a bag unwrapped. Bring to Foothills Unity Church on any of these evenings during Sunday Happy Hour or Gratitude Service: 11/2, 11/24, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12 Deadline to bring gift is 12/12! Greyed out families have been chosen

Family #1

3 children

1 year old male- Car toys (like hotwheels)
7 year old female- moana, Frozen, boots, rainbow backpack,cosplay zenitsu, dress, computer/tablet
13 year old female- camara, long socks, skirts, cosplay keade 

Family #2

1 child

5 year old male- Legos, science toys, building toys, baseball, fishing items

Family #3

1 child

5 year old female- Barbies, Horses, Doll house, fake makeup 

Family #4

2 children

2.5 year old female-dolls, doll house, stroller with baby doll 
4 year old male-remote control cars, cars, spiderman 

Family #5

2 children

6 Month old male - toddler toys, learning toys  
1 year old male - hot wheels, cars, trucks, balls

Family #6

3 children

2 year old female- LOL Dolls, 5T-6T clothes, size 9 shoes.
5 year old female- LOL Dolls, 7-8 clothes, shoes size 12-1
10 year old Male- Lego kits, Minecraft toys, size 14 clothes, shoes 9

Family #7

1 child

2 year old male- Car racetrack, Paw Patrol scooter

Family #8

2 children

3 year old female- baby dolls, unicorns, princess stuff
14 year old female- Drawing kits, pastels, sketch pads, journals

Family #9

1 child

4 year old male- dump trucks, tractor toys, farm/animal toys 

Family #10

1 child

16 year old female- small speaker to play music, slippers, blanket

Family #11

2 children

3 year old female- tea party set, baby dolls
10 year old male- skateboard, Broncos gear

Family #12

2 children

7 year old male- Lego kits, sports things (basketballs, baseballs, etc)
11 year old male- Lego kits, gift cards for video game stuff

Family #13

1 child

8 year old male- Bike, helmet, Minecraft toys

Family #14

2 children

2 year old female- dress up kits, princess or unicorn toys
3 year old female- dress up toys, anything with horses

Family #15

1 child

1 year old male- learning toys, stacking rings, wooden puzzles

Family #16

2 children

2 year old male- wooden puzzles, airplane toys, hotwheels, toddler books
5 year old male- Legos, Playdoh/Sand/Slime toys

Family #17

3 children

12 year old female- craft kits, things to make bracelets, craft supplies
15 year old male- gift cards, Denver Nuggets gear

Family #18

1 child

14 year old female- bluetooth speaker, rollerblades, make up

Family #19

2 children

8 year old female- hair supplies (pretty clips, scrunchies, fake colored hair strands, etc)
10 year old male- skateboard toys, art kits

Family #20

3 children

1 year old female- educational toys like stacking cups, sorting by shapes and colors, etc)
2 year old male- monster trucks, balls, cell phone or computer toys
4 year old female- princess dresses, any kind of animal toys

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